RIZ Turquoise Inlay Zia Ring Exclusive Original Design
RIZ Turquoise Inlay Zia Ring Exclusive Original Design
RIZ Turquoise Inlay Zia Ring Exclusive Original Design

Santa Fe Silverworks by Gregory Segura

RIZ Turquoise Inlay Zia Ring Exclusive Original Design

Anyone that lives in, has lived in, has visited, or plans to visit understands this pendant, "I Love New Mexico". If you are or know someone from New Mexico or just love New Mexico this is the the perfect item. New Mexico's distinctive insignia is the Zia Sun symbol, which originated with the Indians of Zia Pueblo in ancient times. It's design reflects their tribal philosophy, with it's wealth of pantheistic spiritualism teaching the basic harmony of all things in the universe. Four is the sacred number of Zia and the figure is composed of a circle from which four points radiate. These points made up of four straight lines of varying length personify the number most often used by the Giver of all good gifts.

To the Zia Indian, the sacred number four is embodied in the earth, with its four directions, north, south, east, west; in the year, with its four seasons, summer, fall, winter, spring; in the day, with the morning, noon, evening and night; in life, with it's four divisions, childhood, youth, manhood and old age. Everything is bound together in a circle of life and love, without beginning, without end. The Zia believe that in this great brotherhood of all things, man has four sacred obligations: he must develop a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit and a devotion to the welfare of his people.

This handmade sterling silver ring is crafted by Award-Winning Santa Fe Native Silversmith Gregory Segura. A true creation from the heart and soul of New Mexico, Santa Fe.

Approx 1x1 inch Zia with 8mm Turquoise Inlay Stone.


Each item is made when ordered unless otherwise stated so please allow up to three weeks, but most orders are shipped within one week.

Award-winning craftsmanship in 100% sterling silver, handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA @ Gregory Segura Studio.

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Materials: sterling silver, turquoise